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Is Your Man Allowed to Sit with you in the Hair Salon?

Like who on God's green earth would allow this? For sure this is a shop violation everywhere in the nation. There's multiple reasons why this is so disrespectful.

  1. The Salon is a place for a woman to get her hair done in peace! No man, no kids, no work, No phone, etc.

  2. Your hair appointment is a counseling session! This is the time for expression, mediation, advice and most of the time that includes talking about your man (good or bad).

  3. Three out of five women have not yet allowed their man to see their hair! This could mean he has not seen their real hair, he does not know she wears a weave or he has never seen her hair messy.

  4. NO other woman wants a man in the salon while their getting their hair done! How dare you bring your man in the salon, it is a woman's sanctuary.

  5. Let's not start with him thinking its ok to join in any conversation or giggling to hard in another woman's face. Drama.

So no! Ladies keep ya man at home, we don't want to hear him or see him unless he is coming to process payment.


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